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More About a Car Seat Covers

The inside of the vehicle is critical. Every motorist aspires to have a well-kept car interior. It's easy to make your vehicle appear better if you replace old and install new seat coverings on the inside.

A seat cover of car may be classified as universal or model-specific. Car seat coverings that fit every seat in the vehicle are known as universal covers. Universal covers are available in a broad variety of sizes and colors. You can easily buy them if you want to replace old coverings. An important drawback of universal coverings is that they cannot be customized. During installation, seams and fasteners may have irregularities that are apparent.

All of the characteristics of a certain car brand are considered while manufacturing model seat coverings for that type of vehicle. These seat covers for cars fit the characteristics and curves of the actual vehicle seats precisely. Unlike the rest of the models, the design of this type of cover makes it simple to put on and replace a car seat cover. Different materials can be also used to make car seat coverings.

Why Buy Car Seat Covers at TROKOT?

According to some of the statistics, every month, about 15,000 units are created by us.

There are 95 workers in the business, and there are 500,000 happy consumers. Trokot is a car blinds market leader for eight years in a row.

Here’s the list of some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you want to replace your old car seat covers by choosing Trokot ones:

  • reliable protection for your car;
  • ultimate design and style;
  • ease of use;
  • top-notch handpicked materials used for producing every cover for a car seat;
  • completely unique and personalized (an excellent fit);
  • convenient and easy to use.

Every little element of our cover has been considered. Fasteners that are both elegant and functional keep the car seat coverings in place while also preserving the interior's aesthetic appeal. Heating in the winter and ventilation in the summer are unaffected by high-quality "breathable" lining. Pipe and sewing seams are stronger and more durable thanks to the twisted reinforced thread.

Car seat covers come in two sizes: broad (to cover the whole seat) and thin (to cover only the backrest – for the middle of the seat, excluding the side parts of the front seats). The catalog has additional information on the various trim levels. One of the best options for redecorating the salon of your loved vehicle in the same style. When you select capes for your vehicle, you're choosing full comfort, ease of usage, and product durability. Car seat covers are made by us utilizing proprietary technology that has been refined over time. When you purchase Trokot capes, you are supporting a local manufacturer's excellent standards while also ensuring your own convenience and comfort. We only utilize the best materials, so you’re not going to be frozen in the winter or fried in the summer.

Our Delivery and Payment Conditions

We’ll send your purchase to you ASAP and we'll do it any way you want!

SDEK and DPD are two common courier services used to transport packages (terms and cost of delivery, according to the conditions of the operators).

Our clients may choose between CDEK and DPD to pick up covers for car seats if they want to receive their orders quickly. The rest of our clients may choose Standard delivery if they want to save money.

Several payment types are available for your purchase as a result of our efforts. Payments may be made using any of the methods listed below. Look for more information on our website. 

The following types of payment are accepted:

  • paying using a bank card;
  • a monthly installment plan or a credit card;
  • C.O.D;
  • cash;
  • PayPal via the internet;
  • online invoice.

Our customer service is as well always available and ready to solve any problems that may arise. Using the website, from the convenience of your home, you can pick your favorite seat covers for your car and see the price. Furthermore, you can find the best sale option variants just for you and the rest of the available offers, or see how the cover will look in the interior of your vehicle. Make sure to look through our extensive catalog and find the best design of your taste. We ship covers that ideally fit car seats to European countries, the USA, and the rest of the world. And in a few clicks, you can choose and buy the top-quality seat cover of a car from Trokot. 

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