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General Overview of Car Window Shades

If your vehicle does not have tinted windows, long summer road trips may be a misery for backseat passengers. Unpleasant as it may be, the sun's ultraviolet A/B (ultraviolet B) radiation may lead to sunburn and even skin cancer over time. The inside of the car will heat up if there is no shade and the sun's rays aren't blocked, even with the air conditioner running, so installing rear sunblinds is a good idea, especially if there are children or pets in the vehicle. Vehicle interior colors may fade over time, and there is a chance the audio and entertainment system could fail. In addition, the dashboard will fade and fracture. A handful of the less-than-pleasant things the sun can do are listed above.

You may reduce the damaging effects of sunshine on your eyes by using vehicle window shades, and this brief tutorial can assist you in finding the appropriate kind of car window shade. Make sure the blinds you purchase are the correct size and fit every window in your vehicle since a supermini does not need the same size as a people carrier. Similarly, if the window blind is too tiny, the sun's rays will be able to pass through, negating the purpose of installing it.

The advantages of car window shades

  • It takes a couple of seconds to remove or install the solar car shade window.
  • It is possible to install shade for a window without a trip to the service center.
  • The air is filtered when driving with an open window.
  • Our car window shades reduce solar activity by at least 85%.
  • The interior of the car will always be protected from insects.
  • You can enjoy maximum privacy.
  • Protection against heating the interior of the vehicle.
  • Each car model receives a personalized design.
  • With our window blinds, you will always have a good view of the rear-view mirrors.

All of the advantages described above are possible due to the pyramid cell retains, super magnets for quick fastening, and the top-quality grant our company can assure you of. There’s a unique curtain shape that will guarantee your privacy for each model of the vehicle. Moreover, when it comes to car shades for windows, we guarantee that the heat-resistant mesh does not sag and the rubberized profile does not rust. 

More About TROKOT Services

We produce curtains that provide shade and guarantee privacy for over 1000 car models. We are also the largest manufacturer of auto curtains or car shades for windows in the CIS. We work with over 100,000 clients. We rely on high-tech manufacturing. Thus, we produce 600 car curtains in 1 day. Attention is paid to every detail at all stages of production. Furthermore, you can calculate and place an order according to the form on the website. We provide free shipping when you pay for the order on the site. We can deliver your car window shades anywhere in the world. There are different types of payment. Moreover, if we did not have any curtains for your car, just write to us. Perhaps we will make curtains just for you. Our customer service is always available and we will solve any issue of yours. Our managers will call you back in 30 minutes. We guarantee top-notch customer service, otherwise, you will receive your window shades for free.

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